Vintage Monson

Arguably some of the best roofing slate ever produced, this prestigious and extremely durable Unfading Black slate is currently only available in salvage form. With proper installation and maintenance, it is quite possible this slate may last for a few hundred years. We at Vintage Slate strongly believe our Vintage Monson roofing slate will give your project an elegant roof that will last for many more generations to come.

We promise our Vintage Slate to be of the finest quality possible. Each and every piece will be physically inspected, sounded and sorted for quality, size and color. The slate will then be carefully palletized and banded for the safest storage and shipping.

We realize that purchasing salvaged materials can a challenging and risky process.  Our goal and pledge is to set you, the customer, at ease and provide you with the highest level of quality filtering possible.  We believe this will help minimize the chance of your project to run short of material while helping to maximize the longevity of your used slate roof. As with any material, providing a quality product will also reduce the amount of valuable labor during the installation process.

As inventory is constantly changing, please contact us for current pricing and availability.

A row of neatly stacked 14"x7" Vintage Monson Black slates.
Pallets of 20"x12" Vintage Monson Black slates.