Inventories revolve quickly.  Please call for current availabilities.

Wooden slate pallets are available at $25 each plus shipping.

Used slate to sell?

Do you have an excess slate inventory you would like to sell? Do you have a reroof project where slate is to be removed? In any case, we would be very eager to discuss the options with you. We purchase slate on or off the roof. For slate that is on the roof, we will work with you to find a fully insured crew to your site to professionally remove your slate (depending on location and quantity), saving you valuable labor and disposal costs. For slate that is on the ground, pallets are available at our shop ($18 each) and we can help arrange freight back to our shop for processing. Pallets awaiting to be shipped need to be banded or shrinkwrapped for over-the-road hauling. Pallets purchased will be reimbursed when we receive them back.  We are always looking for slate, let us know what you have!

Once the slate returns to our shop, we will physically hand-check every piece and sort for size, color and quality. We then carefully stack, band and store our inventory on site until it is ready to ship to your project site. Only the soundest slates will be reused and made available for reroofing.

We currently stock used slate from Vermont (full color range), Maine (Monson Black) and Virginia (Buckingham Black). Let us know what you have!

**Please note - It is very important that roofing slate is stored standing on edge rather than laying flat! This will minimize the amount of cracked/broken slates found when sorting through the used slates. Roofing slates should also be shipped on special slate pallets, which we can provide. Contact us with any further questions or concerns on storing or shipping used roofing slate.

Inquire about becoming a slate remover in your area today and we can refer projects to your company.

18"x12" Vintage Sea Green neatly stacked
A job very nicely done.
A 42"x42"x30" slate pallet.