Welcome to The Vintage Slate Company.
Promote the use of Green building material, buy recycled products!  Our Vintage Roofing Slate and Vintage Slate Flooring products are 100% natural, recycled, green building material. 

Check to see if our products can help your project accumulate LEED points!
The Vintage Slate Company is now offering Vintage Slate Flooring - reclaimed roofing slates cut into random sizes for a unique flooring or veneer application. These tiles have been seasoned through the natural weathering process and will display earth tones and distinct shadows that can only elvolve from this test of time. Click here to learn more about this new, unique product!

The Vintage Slate Company takes great pride in offering the very finest quality in used-roofing slate. Each and every piece of used slate we sell will be thoroughly inspected for soundness, sorted by size/color and carefully repackaged for safe storage and shipping. We constantly have a revolving selection of Vintage Vermont slates (full color range), Vintage Monson Black slates (Maine) and Vintage Buckingham Black slates (Virginia). From the free slate identifying service to the careful sounding process, we strongly believe our services will prove to be your best value in a used slate roof.

Our Vintage Slate is very practical for your addition and/or repair work. Having handled many thousands of slates, we can accurately identify most slate upon receiving samples you would like to match. Historical preservation? We offer the best option for repair or replacement of your historical project. Contact us to review what your project requires.

Our used slate is also used for new construction and reroof applications. Installing a used-slate roof will give your building a rustic "old world" look without the years of waiting!

Need a reliable slate-roof contractor? Tell us about your project and we can search through our database for installers in your area. Contact us and we will try to have one of our contractors follow up with you.

If you are a roofing professional, we are always looking for contractors in all areas for removing slate from projects. We will supply leads to the closest fully insured contractors for every project.

Please remember, our used slate is 100% natural and environmentally friendly!

Have used roofing slate?  The Vintage Slate Company is always interested in purchasing good-quality, clean salvaged roofing slates.  We acquire used roofing slates from all types of buildings including old barns, commercial buildings homes and demolition projects.  For some projects, we can help you remove the slate from the roof, while others we may not.  There are times where we can offer you money for your slate and other times it may not be possible.  Help us to recycle our natural resources by letting us know what you have!  When emailing us informations on your slate, please try to give us size, quantity, color(s) and your location.  Photos are always very important.  Photos are best when we can see complete surfaces  and up close photos.  Please watch for glare and clear photo images.

**Please note - It is very important that roofing slate is stored standing on edge rather than laying flat! This will minimize the amount of cracked/broken slates found when sorting through the used slates. Roofing slates should also be shipped on special "slate pallets", which we can provide. Contact us with any further questions or concerns on storing or shipping used roofing slate.

An example of a used slate roof we would purchase.
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