Grey/Green/Brown mix used in a flooring and veneer application.
Vintage Slate Flooring

Natural, hand-trimmed floor tile made from recycled, rustic roofing slate.

Vintage Slate Flooring adds beauty to this magnificent room.
Homeowners, give your home the distinct, warm hues of natural earth tones of our aged slate tiles. Contractors and developers, be able to give your projects the ability to stand out from the rest - with Vintage Slate Flooring!

Vintage Slate Flooring is produced from used roofing slate and cut into random sizes for flooring and veneer applications. Unique shadows and earth tones will accent these slates after years of aging to produce a harmonious blend of shades in each color range. After the cutting process, we will sort for each color range, clean each piece and package the tiles into heavy-duty, cardboard boxes. Finished boxes will be stacked onto pallets for the safest storeage and shipment. Each box will contain a minimum of 10 square feet of material.

We are now inventorying the following color ranges:

- Vintage Grey/Green/Brown. As the mix implies, this color range will consist of varying shades of earth tones: Greys, Greens, Brown, Tan and Buff tones, most or all of which are likely to be of Vermont Origin.
- Vintage Black. Varying shades of Black that are most commonly to originate from, but not limited to, Vermont, Virginia (Buckingham) and Maine (Monson region).
- Vintage Purple. Most or all to originate from the historic Vermont quarries. These can range from a clear Purple - to a Purple with Green markings - to a Mottled Green & Purple.
- Vintage Full Color Blend. Tailored to your specifications, we will assemble the appropriate number of boxed in each color range to give each project the desired color blend.

Also ideal for use in crafts!

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email for more information about these products. More info and photos coming soon.

We are looking for distributors in many different areas. We are hoping to coordinate shipping with different outlets to minimize the shipping costs to you and the end user. We would protect potential candidates with a proven track record and would also refer clients that contact us directly from your area. If you have a showroom, or have multiple locations, and would like to be considered for a distributorship, please contact us.

Traditional Grey/Green/Brown mix.
Full Purple mix, which includes a variety of shades and varying green markings.
Full color mix with shades of Grey, Green, Brown, Black, Purple and Red